Mammography at St Anne's update:

25 July 2019 Mammography at St Anne's update: Our previous mammography unit at our St Anne's branch has reached the end of life due to outdated technology and as such we acquired a new state of the art digital mammography unit with tomosynthesis (3D-mammography) for our Netcare St Anne's Hospital branch. This new equipment will allow for much improved image quality and diagnosis on mammography exams when compared to standard digital and the earlier analog mammography systems. Unfortunately however, despite meeting all the requirements, we have not yet received our license to use this new mammography unit from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (#SAHPRA). We have applied well in advance according to their guidelines and met all requirements, but cannot receive any response or information from them on when the license would be given. Apparently their is a big backlog on their side, but unfortunately this now impacts patient care. According to law we are not allowed to use the new equipment, despite following procedure, until the license is received. We apologize to all our patients and referring doctors for this. We can however still provide a full imaging service at our Hilton Health branch. We are also able to provide transport to and from St Anne's for mammography if required by any patient. Phone 033 347 8000 for more information or bookings. We will update as soon as new information becomes available.